Collaborative Projects

European Projects

BioSpeak: Biometric verification in real time the speaker (2010 -)

MOBIO: Mobile Biometry

MOBIO concept is to Develop New Mobile Services secured by biometric authentication means clustering. Scientific and technical objective include robust-to-face illumination authentication, robust-to-noise speaker authentication, joint bi-modal authentication, model adaptation and scalability.

Partners: Brno Univ., IDIAP, Univ. Manchester, Univ. Surrey, Univ. Oulu, EyePmedia, IdeArk, Visidon

LIA chief scientist: J.F. Bonastre

ANR projects

ANR 2010

PERCOL: Person Recognition in audiovisual content

ANR CONTINT challenges for the development of multi-media approach for the identification of people in video streams (Resp. LIA: Corinne Fredouille).
Partners: LIF, LIL, Orange Labs
LIA chief scientist: Corinne Fredouille


Project CONTINT 2010 on information retrieval in context (Resp. LIA: Patrice Bellot)

SuMacc: Semi-Supervised cooperative learning patterns of collaboration for Multimedia Support for the detection and categorization of concepts

Project CONTINT 2010 whose subject is the discovery, identification and monitoring of Web concepts by bosses collaborative multi-media
Partners: Eurecom, Wikio Group, Syllabs
Carrier: LIA, Georges Linares

OTMedia: Transmedia Observatory

Project CONTINT 2010 on the study of trends and changes in the world media
LIA chief scientist Pascal Nocera

ANR 2009

ASH: Coupling of heterogeneous systems

White 2009 project, which studies different types of systems combining speech recognition
Partners: LIUM, IRISA
LIA chief scientist Georges Linares

DECODA: Automatic Counting of conversations from call centers

Project CONTINT 2009 on data mining from a call center (RATP)
Partners: LIF, RATP, SoNear
Carrier: LIA, Frederic Bechet

PI: Automatic Speech Recognition for resourced languages

White on project development approaches automatic or semi-automatic processing resourced languages
Reponsable scientific LIA: Pascal Nocera

ECOSCELLS: Cooperating Efficient Small Cells

Methods in cooperative mobile
LIA chief scientist: Rachid El-Azouzi

ANR 2008

DesPhoAPaDy: phonetic-acoustic analysis of dysarthric speech

Analysis of pathological speech
Partners: La Timone, LPL, LPP
LIA chief scientist: Corinne Fredouille

SEQUOIA: Probabilistic Parsing of French

LIA chief scientist.: F. Bechet

PORT-MEDIA: Robustness and portability Multilingual Multi-domain systems understanding speech

Partners: LIUM, LIG, ELDA
Carrier: LIA, Fabrice Lefevre

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