Responsable Scientifique :

Hayel Yezekael

Chercheurs Permanents :

El-Azouzi Rachid
Hayel Yezekael
Jimenez Tania

Problematique :

A big new challenge in the networking community is how to put “cognition” into networks. The term cognition is described as the faculty for a mobile or a network to adapt its communication parameters (transmission power for mobiles or frequency for a base station) to perturbations of its environment. A radio system having this capability is called a cognitive radio.

Objectifs :

The aim of this project is to study how cognition in wireless mobiles induce new performances.
The different objectives are:

  • Modelling a network of intelligent devices.
  • Analyzing a network of intelligent devices.
  • Developing optimal scheduling policies in cognitive radios.
  • Developing information-theoretic analysis of cooperative communications.
  • Studying the role of multihoming in cognitive radio.
  • Implementing a network of intelligent devices.

Methodologie :

  • Game theoretical models (stochastic games, learning games, evolutionary games)
  • Information theory (information blocking, probing mechanisms)
  • Sensing protocols

Collaborations :

  • Supélec
  • CNRS
  • Alcatel-lucent

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