Responsable Scientifique :

Altman Eitan

Chercheurs Permanents :

Altman Eitan
El-Azouzi Rachid
Feillet Dominique
Hayel Yezekael

Chercheurs Non Permanents :

Sabir Essaid

Problematique :

With the deregulation of the telecommunication companies and the rapid growth of the internet, the research area of networking games has experienced a remarkable development. The game theoretic approaches have been used to gain an understanding of the behavior of various systems in communication networks. Specifically, game theoretic models have helped understand Internet pricing, flow congestion control, and routing. Application of game theory to communication networks has brought together researchers from a variety of disciplines, such as computer science, queueing, and optimal control.
With an increase in penetration of wireless networks to personal usage scenario (as in mobile ad hoc networks), game theoretic models have started to appeal more and more researchers interested in modeling and analysis of such complex systems. Led by the deployment of MANETs and development of cognitive radio, wireless communications has been trending towards networks with distributed control. These systems are characterized by problems of distributed decision making and evolution of cooperation.
We are also used the riche theoretical foundations of evolutionary games which have been developed in biological. While this theory allows biologist to explain past and present evolution and predict future evolution, it can be further used in engineering to architect evolution. Our objective is to provide a framework to describe and predict evolution of protocols at various networking levels, namely Medium Access (MAC) protocols (CDMA, WIMAX) and transport protocols (various versions of TCP/IP)

Objectifs :

The objective is to study the best practices in modeling, as well as limitations of game theory as a performance assessment and design tool for networks. Both the application of game theory to networking problems and the development of new game-theoretic methodologies that can be applied in that context are part of our interest.
Our main research activities and applications are organized around the following areas:

  • Evolutionary games : Theory and applications
  • Stochastic games and applications
  • Power control games
  • Oligopolistic competition
  • Routing and epidemic routing
  • Incentives for cooperation in networks
  • Forwarding incentives for wireless and peer-to-peer networks
  • Pricing
  • Routing and flow control games

Methodologie :

  • Evolutionary Stable strategy
  • Stochastic Games
  • Replicator dynamic
  • Markov Decision Process
  • Information theory
  • Nash equilibrium
  • Wardrop equilibrium

Collaborations :

  • INRIA Sophia Antipolis
  • LIRMM, Université de montpellier

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