Responsable Scientifique :

El-Azouzi Rachid

Chercheurs Permanents :

El-Azouzi Rachid
Hayel Yezekael
Jimenez Tania

Chercheurs Non Permanents :

El-Khoury R.
Kobbane Abdellatif
Peyre Thierry
Sabir Essaid

Problematique :

Next generation wireless and mobile communication systems are rapidly evolving to satisfy the demands of various network users. Due to the great success and enormous impact of IP networks, high-speed transmission is now possible for both indoor and outdoor wireless systems, internet access and web browsing have become the ruling paradigm for next generation system. It is envisioned that new generation wireless networks and hand-held terminals will support a wide variety of multimedia services such as multimedia web browsing, video and news on demand, mobile office system, stock market information, and so on, to mobile users anywhere, anytime in an uninterrupted and seamless way with low-powered handsets. The characteristics of wireless links, as well as the desire to maintain connectivity while on the move, offer significant challenges

Objectifs :

In this project, we are interested in the next wireless networks as WIMAX, HSDPA/UMTS and 802.11. In particular, we propose mechanims that will optimize the system performance in terms of throughput and coverage. In optimizing the throughput or the spectral efficiency, we make use information theory including its spacial concepts of capacity. Many concept and methodes that will be developped in this project will be evaluated by simulation. Other issues are related to mobility management, resource allocation, multihoming, pricing, cross-layer optimization and performance tunning. We investigate broad areas of wireless system design to meet these technical challenges. Specific research areas within the project include

  • Wireless channel modeling
  • Adaptive modulation and coding of wireless networks
  • Qynamic resource allocation in cellular systems and ad-hoc netwoks
  • Impact of MAC layer on TCP, allowing for cross-layer optimization
  • Multihoming and mobility management in IEEE 802.16, UMTS and 802.11

Methodologie :

  • Game theoretical models
  • Information theory
  • pricing
  • Spectral analysis
  • Queuing theory
  • Simulation : Odyssee, SimulX, ns2

Collaborations :

Soutien :

  • Maroc Telecom 2006

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