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Interspeech 2016 “Speaker Comparison for Forensic and Investigative Applications II”


We seek both opinion presenters and discussion participants in the Interspeech 2016 “Speaker Comparison for Forensic and Investigative Applications II” special event with respect to all forms of forensic and investigative speaker comparison and recognition. These forms include human-performed comparison, hybrid approaches to speaker comparison and recognition (e.g., human-assisted speaker recognition and machine-assisted speaker recognition), and automatic speaker recognition. This year, we are soliciting opinion presentations in the following three topic areas:



  1. What is currently possible in forensic speaker comparison and recognition?


  2. Quantifying the weight of evidence in forensic speaker comparison.


  3. Discussion about background and development data and reference populations.


Using the successful format of our special event at Interspeech 2015, we begin with an introduction to the event and the three topics. Each topic has an introduction, 3-minute presentations by opinion presenters, and a discussion. We end with a concluding general discussion and presentation. Please contact Jean-François Bonastre (jean-francois.bonastre@univ-avignon.fr) and Joe Campbell (j.campbell@ieee.org) immediately to express your interest.

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Speaker Comparison for Forensic and Investigative Applications II

  1. Names and affiliation of organizers:


  • Jean-François Bonastre, LIA, University of Avignon, France
  • Joseph P. Campbell, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, USA
  • Anders Eriksson, Stockholm University, Sweden
  • Hiro Nakasone, Federal Bureau of Investigation, USA
  • Reva Schwartz, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA
  1. Short Description:


The aim of this special event is to have several structured discussions on speaker comparison for forensic and investigative applications, where many international experts will present their views and participate in the free exchange of ideas. In speaker comparison, speech samples are compared by humans and/or machines for use in investigations or in court to address questions that are of interest to the legal system. Speaker comparison is a high-stakes application that can change people’s lives and it demands the best that science has to offer; however, methods, processes, and practices vary widely. These variations are not necessarily for the better and, although recognized, are not generally appreciated and acted upon. Methods, processes, and practices grounded in science are critical for the proper application (and nonapplication) of speaker comparison to a variety of international investigative and forensic applications. This event follows the successful Interspeech 2015 special event of the same name.


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