Seminaire: Game-theoretic tools for electricity system problems

Title: Game-theoretic tools for electricity system problems
Location: LIA, Salle de réunion
Speaker: Olivier Beaude
Date: July 4th, 2018 at 11h-12h
Summary: Historically, optimization tools have been largely applied to design and operate electricity systems. A typical problem is the so-called "Unit-Commitment". It consists in scheduling at a minimal cost electricity production units – often before real-time - to satisfy the equality constraint between production and – often forecasted - consumption at all time. Now, the context in electricity systems is rapidly changing, leading to more competition between – newly created – stakeholders, a "more local" management of the production-consumption constraint, and stochastic aspects with the integration of – local – renewable energy sources with very uncertain generation. In this context, many new problems can be tackled using the tools of game theory. This talk proposes a few of such illustrative examples, linking practical crucial issues of electricity systems operators to well-known classes of games (in particular routing, potential, matching). This will highlight the vitality of the field of "game-theory applied to Smart Grids", and potential avenues to improve this link. Also, learning aspects and emerging data-related issues (coming in particular with the deployment of smart meters, Linky in France) will be addressed.
Bio: Olivier Beaude received an M.Sc. degree from École Polytechnique, an M.Sc. degree in optimization, game theory, and economic modeling from Université Paris VI, in 2011, and the Ph.D. degree with the Laboratory of Signals and Systems, CentraleSupélec, and the R&D Center of Renault with a topic about (algorithmic) game-theoretic methods for electric vehicles (EV) "smart charging". For his PhD, he got the Paul Caseau prize and the first runner-up of the "Signal, Image, Vision" prize. He is currently research engineer at EDF R&D where his research interests include controlling the impact of EV charging on the grid, and the development of coordination mechanisms and incentives for local electricity systems.
Mercredi, 4 Juillet, 2018 - 11:00 to 12:00

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