Seminaire LIA

Jeudi 08/03: Malek Hajjem

Titre: Multilingual Social Media Analyses: Following Arab Spring Tweet Corpus

Résumé:  The unlimited adoption of social media for political communication yields unprecedented opportunities to gain insight of how people are reacting. This development could co-occurred with the advent of socio-political events, such as the Arab spring. In  that moments of historic crisis, social media, like Twitter, presents itself as a vehicle for the voice of politicians, artists, and young people. Therefore, users from different cultures and language backgrounds are spreading their message about revolution. Such type of textual data seems to be extremely valuable.

Despite all attention towards user-generated content produced every day, the effect of cultural background and language diversity on the use of social media platforms,as Twitter,to comment a same event/topic still not explored.

Through this work,we aim to exploit the generated data from Twitter about Arab spring in order to build a multi lingual historical resource. To deal with this richness, our research is focusing in creating a more relevant textual dataset supporting French and Arabic languages. A special attention for Tweet text analysis, using adapted text mining tools, will be processed.

This research should contribute to developing a new automatic analytic approach for social-media-based political synthesis, providing new multi lingual historical resources about Arab spring, and validating a general appropriateness to different resources from different domains.

Jeudi, 8 Mars, 2018 - 11:00 to 12:00

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