D3-D4 "Service & Network Control Mechanisms"

Deliverable D3-D4 collects all the results and solutions investigated by the collaborating partners within IDEFIX Task 4, focused on the optimization of the cellular network with respect to the delivered services. This includes
- the proactive adaptation of service parameters to the radio channel dynamics,
- the enhancement of network control mechanisms (including rich performance feedback),
- the adaptation of the network transport primitives to specific traffic types (e.g. M2M, background),
- as well as the study of novel architectures (e.g. virtualization).

Welcome to Idefix

IDEFIX aims at proposing intelligent network and service control mechanisms that ensure constancy of QoS in time and space, while maintaining energy consumption at reasonable levels.

To achieve this goal,  the project combines insights from various disciplines such as queuing theory, learning algorithms, optimal/stochastic control theory, game theory and economics.