Responsable Scientifique :

Benslimane Abderrahim

Chercheurs Permanents :

Benslimane Abderrahim
El-Azouzi Rachid

Problematique :

Since IEEE 802.11’s characteristics are vulnerable to
Denial of Service (DoS) and greedy behavior. DoS are made by a mobile node to degrade the performance of the network or to consume the network resources. Greedy behavior can also degrade the network performance.
Detecting these problems within a network layer may be easy and can let attackers by-pass the security mechanisms. In our approach, we propose a cross-layer security architecture which considers interactions between layers.

Objectifs :

To propose the security mechanisms dealing with Denial of Service attacks and greedy behavior in mobile Ad-hoc networks using IEEE 802.11 technology.

Methodologie :

Our work consists of several subtasks:

  • Define attack models.
  • Define a cross-layer security architecture.
  • Study of the detection mechanisms.
  • Study of the reaction mechanisms.
  • Develop detection mechanisms and reaction mechanisms that consider local knowledge within a layer and global knowledge across layers.
  • Develop a simulation model for testing the mechanisms.
  • Compare the proposed approaches with existing approaches.

Collaborations :

  • PRISM/ University of Versailles
  • ENST Paris
  • INRIA, Lille
  • CIISE, University of Concordia

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