Cornet Seminar – 31/01/2024

The next seminar of the Cornet team will take place on January 31, 2024, at 11:35 am in S3 and will consist of two parts.

Firstly, Felipe Albuquerque (LIA) will present his thesis topic on ‘The p-Median Problem with Coverage Constraints: New Resolution Methods and Application to the Design of Public Services.’

Following that, Luca Dini and Pierre Jourlin will present their ongoing work on the theme of ‘Hybrid Methods for Cognitive Attitudes Detection.’

Summary: In this seminar, we will present ongoing work on the transformation of a keyword spotting system into a concept-based labeling engine. We will highlight four major axes of this work:

  1. The replacement of a Google-based keyword spotting mechanism with SIDRES V2, a Rust-based CFG interpreter.
  2. The manual creation of disambiguation grammars to exclude contexts where word occurrences are not indicators of a given concept.
  3. The creation of additional resources using various machine learning and statistical techniques, such as word embeddings and terminology extraction.
  4. Expansion mechanisms based on RDFS modeling of cognitive concepts and subsequent expansion via Linked Open Data graphs, such as Wikidata.